Heyy you ^^ im SI KETUUD SCHA also as known as acha and acha schaffawaty :) im originally malayy . nothing speciall , juz a good DANCER ^^ dancingg for lifee :) taken by MR BRUNOOOMARS <3 thankyou iloveyousomuchh 1432455

i adore this amazing THING (!)


kay first thing is assalamualaikum to all my reader :)

its been a long time i tak renew post blog kesayangan ini ,
 sorry kay blog ? nowdays ni kasih sayang i ada dekat mrbruno jee :')
sorry much :)

okay here the story begin ;

   That day bila i date dengan mrbruno dekat alamanda , dia ajak masuk carrefour sebab nak cari apa ntah i pun lupa --' haha
 sekali ternampak  phone yang i gilagila kan selama ini (!)

goddddddddddddd (!) adorable <3
sony experia arc s

 ternampak phone tuu yang colour hitam *sumpah melting tak terkata <3
 dia pun terkejut tak terkata sebab i sebegitu cara bila berhadapan dengan phone tuu :D ahha
 muka terkejut dia tuu i ingat sampai sekarang :D
then tibatiba dia tanya " you suka phone tuu ke yaangg ?" and i was like HUHH such a crazy man :D "tak de lha i minat jee sayaangg :)" the he said " eleehh yee lha tuu"
 sebenarnya dia tanya banyak kali tuu --' i terus jawab " tak lha sayang i minat jee tak lebih pun :)"
 padahal  CRUSHH i tuu <3
 then hari hari seterusnya dia terus membahan dan membuatkan i sangat cemburu dengan dia
 *dia suka sangat sebut pasal crush i tuu
 ahha :D kay , thats it enough about my lovely crushh :*
 and here where i eennddss my story :)
 thanks for reading mine (Y)

 p/s: dear mrbrunomars sayyaangg ,
                 me loves you so much , just forget bout my crushh :)
         i sayaangg you handsome , sayangg you sangat <3
             *big hug , love kisses 
 with the numbers that we've used it seasons ago 1432455 :*

                                                                                                  the love from writer ,



 okeyy theres someone that i want ya'll to know
 someone special for me , someone that change me to be another person
 someone that always make me laugh cry mad crazy ect. *i'll be more crazier than i am
 someone that i could share everything
 someone that always guide me
 someone that give me some motivation
 someone that can be everyone ( friends mom dad bestfriend enemies siblings )
 someone that always support me
 someone that really care about me the most
 someone that always here for me
 someone that always be my dictionary -,-
 someone that always calling me GEMOOK -,-
 someone that i always love
 someone that i want
 someone that i need
 if he is the true good guy for me and my future
 i always wish that one day he'll be my groom <3

yanngggg <3
  YEAAAAAHHH there he is :)
 he is muhd irfan izani bin mohd faidzal <3
 16 years old , smk putrajaya presint 8(1)
 isnt too detail -,-
 haha never mind
 he the one that ive told you before :)
 yaaa i know : not so handsome 
 but , its yes for me :)
 ohh yaa for sure he is MR BRUNOMARS @ MR MCFLURRYOREO <3 (refer the post that ive wrote before :) )
 p/s : sayaang,
        you an extraordinary person that i've found  ( you should know that )
        thanks a lot for everything that happen in my life since i met youu :')
         thanks for the teddy (son) :')
         thanks for put spell on me ( because i miss you and loving you every day )
        i love youu so much daddy <3
        i miss you so muchh bie <3
        ya i sayaaangg youu yaaaanngggggg :')

                                                                                                               xoxo infinate ,